Friends are God's way of apologising for relatives...

Ok, so I have a tendency to get a bit carried away... but it was a trying week.
So. No more wildflowers. No more shady trees.
Garden has been pruned, poisoned, chopped down.
Now it fits in with the idea of a garden as a commodity,
groomed & clipped & ready for the highest bidder.
Never mind the love & time we'd spent with our plants.
Never mind we're still alive.
Never mind it's our home.
So I'm feeling pretty sad & angry.
Where will the birds and animals play?
Is it wrong to like trees bigger than ourselves?
Is it wrong to like a shady, overgrown but well-tended & well-loved garden?


Grrrr.... I hope your chooks turn into emus & kick your dunny down!

I must try to smile, for it is a new day, and somewhere...
...there's a new wildflower drinking in the dew and reaching its arms to the dawning sun. I want to be like that new little bud & drink in the day. I think God is like that dawning morning sun, we only need to outstretch our arms and He will embrace us. His warmth and love will rain down to wash away our tears