'Bunny In the Wildflowers'  
The little rabbit gazes spellbound and still
As God's beauty surrounds,
Be what will...He leaps to join the dance.'
'Bunny in the Wildflowers' is a photo I'm in the process of pixel painting via mobile phone.
That's right, pixel by pixel.

I love bunnies. I know this sounds really cheezy, but I wud love to sit awhile amongst wildflowers & watch the rabbits at play. '
Dolphin A' Leaping Into Moonlight
Here's another one of my pixel paintings. It's a pencil drawing of mine that I took a photo of & then painted using Art Palette Pro, a cool little art program on my mobile internet phone. This lets me pixel paint while reclining in my chair.
I'm very new to this... (pixel painting and blogging)
...but I'm having fun.
'Squirrel Red One'

'Squirrel Red One' is just coz i love squirrels..

I think he's saying 'Whoops- lost me nut!'

My painting
'Penguins Diggin the Aurora Borealis'