'Thank you for yr kindness. What can I do to repay you?'
'You can pass it on.'

Kindness isn't meant to be 'repaid'. Kindness isn't meant to be done for the equal return. Maybe nexttime you find yourself helping someone out of the blue,& they say 'how can I thank you?',
you cud smile & say
'Please, just pass it on...'
...and who knows how far your kind deed will travel, if everyone just passed it on, your little bit cud go right round the world... and...? ...what do you think...?

little girl giving a flower to a sad man
Pay it Forward Movie

There's a movie out there that I think is pretty terrific.
It's called 'Pay It Forward'
And it's along the same lines.


Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see