Hungerford - Royal Mail Hotel Facilities

Some people find it hard to leave this unique pub. Great food, stories, exhibits and beverages.

Join the blokes yarning after a day's work
on a Big Run.

Accomodation - comes in three styles - air-conditioned single rooms, or throw your swag down on a bunk under the shade shelter - naturally air-conditioned; or roll your swag out on one of the comfortable bunks in this bunk house - natural air and a whopping great fireplace for those frosty winter evenings - and with the upper storey there is plenty of room for the entire extended family!

Cellar- it's truly amazing what you may find down here - nothing much has changed in 100 years..

Historic bathrooms -
the water is pure and soft and the decor is truly turn of the century. Making a concession to the 20th century there is a washing machine available here too.