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A Bunch of Battlers - by Kylie Reynolds

When Peter (14), Robyn (11) and Billy (5) are left without parents or guardians, the Child Welfare Department take charge of them.
The Department have a plan for the children’s future, but the children have their own plans.
With the resourcefulness typical of Australian bush kids, they manage to “fly beneath the radar” of the authorities in such a way that they are never identified as missing. The children pack their gear on bicycles and travel the far outback regions of Australia looking for a home where they can live together.
The young writer based most of the events on her own experiences. This is a fast moving story with plenty of humor and suits all ages.

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About the author

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Three children with their five horses trek through outback Australia.

They travel through some remote regions from Western Queensland to the Northern Territory.

Along the way they have some lively adventures.

The young writer was eight years old when she wrote this and all the experiences are based on her own life living in outback Australia

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  About the author
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The Eulo Queen & Other Outback & Opal Stories
- by C Wurth

Based on facts, this collection of Australian stories revolves around frontier life on the opal fields at the turn of the of the century (19thC to 20thC).
These are rollicking good yarns to readby the campfire or family hearth. Anyone who enjoys travelling in or living in the outback will enjoy the character sketches, the laconic bush humour and romance of the Australian Outback portrayard in the stories.

This ebook is an authorised rewrite of the initial print version by K.O.A. Publications.

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Lost Boy - Bipolar Dreaming - by Jocelyn Price

This is the story of my son Cameron, who committed suicide nearly five years ago. He suffered from bi-polar disorder. It is about his life, his dreams, his good times and his not so good times. 
It is also a book about me and how I learned about bipolar disorder.  It is my journey too.  It is about the mistakes I made in dealing with Cameron and then my realisation and finally my understanding and above all the most important thing I learned was to listen. 
My hope is that this story of Cameron may be read by people out there who are now in the same position as I was with Cameron. I hope they will benefit from my experiences.
If you would like to contact me my name is Jocelyn Price.
My email is 

Lost-Boy - Bipolar Dreaming Cover
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Memories of the Bush - by Patricia L Jones

Verse stories telling snippetts of life in outback Australia - on station properties and in an outback town.

Patty spent the first thirty three years of her life living with her family on remote outback station properties - Old Bando, Minetta, Old Outstation - in south west Queensland, Australia.

When her brother, Kerry developed a brian tumour, they moved to live in Charleville - a small town in outback Queensland. Patty has an understanding of the land, and a great love of reading. Look beyond the words to a life lived devoid of any luxuries, without ever a complaint, but full of simple joys, happiness and love.

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A Warrego Dreamer - Elizabeth Hockins

Short verses from an outback Queensland poet- Betty Hockins